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I Can't Really Complain Today

I am just feeling very tired today. I just can’t seem to mentally weak up at all. I don’t understand why though because I slept well last night and straight through the night. I am learning towards thinking part of my problem with not wanting to get up and lift is the fact that my hamstring is still feeling a little tight. Last night in the grocery store I lifted up my foot to scratch a mosquito bite and my hamstring just had a massive cramp in it. I thought that might be interesting as I was on one foot balanced and the other one didn’t want to release for a few seconds. It did and I walked it off but there remained some residual soreness.

I managed to get up the energy to get up off my ass and head out in into the garage gym to get my ass in gear and start with my strength.

The front squats felt great today at the light 200 pounds. Even though I felt like I had less than zero energy I easily got through the three sets of five at the 200 pounds and even added in two extra sets.

Next up for today were the shoulder presses. Strict presses felt heavier than they should have for the light 97 pounds. I took my time and did five sets of five at the 97 pounds. They felt easier as I progressed through my sets.

Finally today was deadlift day so that’s what was next. Following through with lowering my weights I did five sets of three at 235 pounds instead of the singles at 295 that I was originally supposed to do. My hamstring is still feeling a little crampy and several times last evening my knee just gave out as I stepped.

After I recovered a bit and ate lunch I tackled today’s WOD. Row, front squats then in my case step ups because box jumps under fatigue all the time are stupid. and then row again. It wasn’t one of those WODs that I did super well at. The front squats I can knock out like their nothing. Step ups are a whole different story as I have to “feel” my way with them a good bit for safety reasons. I just can’t see well enough to know for sure if I am in the right spot or stepping too far backward on the way down. I actually would prefer just doing box jumps but we don’t have the failure space here or the ceiling height for me to feel comfortable enough with them. My normal failure mode with box jumps is going over the other side.

I just don’t have a great feel for rowing for calories yet. Typically when rowing for meters I know within a pull or two when I’m there but I just don’t have that mental awareness for calories yet. Being visually impaired I also can see the monitor so I have to stop and learn forward to look at it. Only a few extra times but it does cut into my time. It was also one of those ones where they want you to track each round’s time individually. Using my Garmin Fenix’s lap button helps but I still miss a few seconds. Oh well, I don’t do the WOD for a score, I do them for a good workout anyways and that’s exactly what I got.

Music for today’s strength and WOD was Malignancy.