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Starting To Row Longer Distances, Forgot About The Blisters

I’ve been wanting to get back into longer rows for a while now. Well not really wanting but more less knowing it would be beneficial to my health and WODS. Last time I started rowing longer distances it greatly improved my rowing technique. I couldn’t get a stroke rate below 28-29 with fast weak pulls. The longer rows forced my to learn to row efficiently and now I can’t get a high stroke rate any more. I did that because I couldn’t really do Metcons yet after having run out of thyroid pills for a while and having zero energy.

This time I am in a much better starting point for the endurance rowing and want to work up to giving a half marathon a go again in a month or two while it’s till cool out. Rowing would make me sweat my ass off even outside in minus ten degree weather. The hardest part about the distance rowing for me is the sheer boredom of it but as long as I focus on a goal it will be tolerable.

I want to keep up with the regular street parking WODS too and improve them an also add in some more heavy lifting to build strength. Time will tell if my body is able to handle it all and if my brain can mentally handle it.

I had forgotten all about the blisters on my hands when first starting the longer distance sessions. Luckily that gets better after a few days of rowing as it just becomes more callused.