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Better Than Expected Day For My Lifts

I drank last night. I didn’t get drunk but drank a decent amount, and it was enough to make me sleep very poorly. When I do drink, I just don’t sleep that deeply or well. Everything wakes me up. Last night it was several cars passing by waking me then the train that I normally sleep, though.

It has me feeling exhausted today. I could almost go so far as to say I am feeling exhausted. I almost passed on my strength until tomorrow, but in the end decided that I should at least try my lifts and see how they go.

I started off today’s lifting front squats, which were thankfully only at 205 pounds today. They looked damn near perfect and felt nice and explosive. I did have one rep in the second set where I was maybe a little too upright and my weight shifted too much to my heels. That was interesting, to say the least. I took minimal rest with my squats and got through my three sets of five easily. I figured it was best to not do any extra sets given how exhausted I was feeling, but I did what I needed to do.

Next up I had strict press at 97 pounds. My presses for today felt pretty decent given my pissy arm and tiredness. I easily worked though my three sets of five with no issues at all. My arm is feeling better today, surprisingly, given the booze, pizza and poor sleep last night.

Finally, my last lift that I performed today were my deadlifts. These felt really great today for my triples at 245. It feels like something else really clicked for me with these. Once again I was just pretty much dragging the bar on my legs and back down as If I’m able to have my knees more out of the way than I was before. The weight felt great for me today and had no problems with them at all. The one odd thing was my setup just couldn’t get set right before the third set.

I have no clue why it happens, but once in a while my setup with deadlifts just feels wrong. Maybe because I respect the weight and know to step back and reset my mind. I would venture to guess that the biggest issue is maybe me being somewhat off center given my poor vision. All it takes is for me to let go of the bar stand up, step back and then reset from the complete start, and I’m good unless it’s an extremely heavy weight for me.

The deadlifts felt great, though, and I completed my sets easily. I even added in a nice pause at the lockout of the last rep to hopefully build up my grip a little.

All in all, it was a good day in the home gym, even thought I didn’t feel like it before I started.

Music for today was Machine Head.