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Got Back To The Bar This Morning ๐Ÿ‹

I slept great last night. I mean, I slept really well. It was the best I sleep that have had in a long time. I donโ€™t know if it was exhaustion from being up most of the night the past few nights shitting.

The girlfriend had a sound machine on to drown out the rain noise, which usually helps me sleep. The sound thing was playing crickets, and thereโ€™s nothing more relaxing to me than the night insect sounds in the woods. Growing up going to the mountains, it was always so soothing to me to hear them. There were crickets, lots of tree frogs and of course katydids all night. I used to love hearing them out at the fire.

I even felt good enough this morning to play with Brooke this morning, after just laying on the couch the past couple of days and letting her watch TV. We played with the fart machine and had a two minute picnic with the toy food since she was only here for like 15 minutes.

Shortly after I took her to the bus stop, I got changed and headed out to the garage to see how my lifting for today might feel. I felt that it was time that I try it since I slept so well and kept food in me last night. Of course, I lowered the weights since Iโ€™m still feeling a bit weak.

I started the day off with back squats. I did five sets of five of the squats at 185 pounds. My hips felt a little tight at first, but they loosened up and opened up after the first weighted warm up set. They were super light squats for me, so I did the five sets, and they felt great. They also looked great, or at least the last set that I did which I recorded did.

Next I did should press at 95 pounds. These like the squats were light and felt great. Unlike the squats though, I didnโ€™t feel any tightness with the pressing, so I worked through them pretty quickly. I went with five sets.

Finally, I did my deadlifts. I kept the weight down at 235 pounds and did my five triples. These felt great, and I worked my way through them pretty quickly. I thought that my hips and hamstrings might feel a bit tight with the DL, but they both really did feel fine. I worked though my sets pretty quickly, forcing more rest than I thought I needed.

It was a good morning in the garage for me. It was all light stuff, but I really felt wonderful getting back into the swing of things. It was wise to lower the weights like I did, but I didnโ€™t want to. I had those few days of not keeping food and more importantly, water, in me and I feel like I should allow my immune system more energy to finish up itโ€™s business.

I may do a WOD later on this evening, then again I may not. Weโ€™ll see how I feel about it then. I will need Molly to count for me and watch the clock. One thing I dislike about the program we do is how they seem to go out of their way at times to make scores more complicated than they need to be. I mean, for how they push the fact that scores donโ€™t matter, youโ€™d think theyโ€™d keep it simpler. I do agree with scores not mattering other than to compare yourself to past results.

Music today was Alice In Chains.