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A Good Night's Sleep Really Helped Me

If I were to say that I’ve not been feeling well rested the past couple of days, that would be a gross understatement. Thursday night I drank, maybe a little too late and too much just due to the sheer stupidity of the neighbor. I can’t even imagine how she managed to breed. That and I felt like unwinding a bit.

Friday, I was feeling pretty tired and rundown, but still okay. Talking to another neighbor, we wound up going to eat and drink with them, then hung out at their fire pit until like midnight. I have no clue how I stayed awake even, but I did.

That left me feeling too rundown to even sit still yesterday, though. We went for a short hike and I don’t know how I did it, but that just made me more tired. I tried to take a nap afterwards, but I was so tired that I was too restless to sleep. Even if I felt like I was starting to drift off to sleep, an annoyingly loud car went past. They had Main Street blocked off yesterday for some stupid car show, so they redirected people down our street. Car shows bring out many people with a small penis that make up for it by with the loudness of their exhaust.

I fell asleep fairly early last night and slept straight through the night. Actually, I woke up feeling recovered and recharged, so I got to my lifting session late in the morning.

I began today’s weight session with the front squats. These were a moderate weight at 210 pounds. I did three sets of five at the working weight. The squats felt pretty good today, although they did feel heavier than the weight should have felt to me. They weren’t hard, but just felt heavier than the weight actually was. I even double-checked my math to see if I added the plates together correctly. The squats really didn’t require much more than two minutes or so of rest. I thought about doing five sets but then skipped the extra since I’m thinking about knocking out this week’s twenty rep squats later.

After I wrapped things up with squats, it was time for my bench press. I was glad they were only 145 pounds today and I did not do any extra sets, just me three sets of five for today. It felt like my left arm was maybe misfiring a bit during the warm-up sets. It felt better as I went on, but I still thought I’d exercise caution with them.

Finally, it was on to the good mornings. I did my three sets of ten today at 115 pounds again, but this time I was more aggressive and used the 35 pound plates, so it wouldn’t be easy to lower the weight. Don’t get me wrong I would definitely have pulled off the 35s and went down in weight if I had to but not because I didn’t feel like doing it in the weight. Just one of the many ways I have learned to be more honest with myself about weight and stuff. They felt great today and I worked my weight through them pretty quickly.

All in all, it was (or at least has been) a great day in the garage gym so far. I may do something else later, but I’m still undecided on that for now.

Music for today was Cryptopsy.