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Did Box Jumps In A WOD

We did Joy’s last night and went with a friend and her son, so we were there later than normal. As always, that leads to a poor night’s sleep. Still, it was fun and worth it. The poor sleep only added to the weeks, if not months, of waking up extra early for me.

This morning, at about 9:00 AM, I decided I wanted to get a WOD in. It’s been a surprisingly tough week for me in the home gym. Those couple of days of tough assault bike intervals have really got me feeling run down. I wanted to do something shorter and just get a workout in.

I settled on one that was a ladder of eight dumbbell deadlifts followed by ascending reps of box jumps. For this particular WOD I wanted to actually jump. It was such low reps and all. I do think box jumps are a great exercise, but I’m not a fan of the high reps of them that are programmed so often.

I went with the fifty pound dumbbells today. Why not? It’s been some time since I’ve used those, for various reasons. I’ve been on a lower weight but faster movement phase lately. For deadlifts, though, I thought I’d go heavier.

For the box jumps, I used the twenty-inch side of the box. I could and would use the 24-inch side if the ceiling wasn’t so low. With the taller box, my hair can brush the ceiling, which is too much of a distraction for me, especially when landing on the box. Not being able to really see the box due to my lack of depth perception is distracting enough. Add in the tight space we have. The fact that box jump WODs tend to seem like they think, “How can we make this workout the least space efficient possible?” Our usable space in the garage is pretty narrow with the rower out there. I would rather not get too close to the heater’s gas line, either. As always, I’m truly grateful for the space that we do have.

It did feel great to do them. They’re loads of fun to do. I am glad that they’re like riding a bike. I won’t forget how to do them. They’re almost a primal type of movement. Well, I guess they are just that. They’re a great explosive exercise.

Later on in the day, around lunchtime, I noticed it was sunny and in the fifties. The past few days have been dark and dreary. Today was the polar opposite of those days. With the sun being out, I thought I’d go make some vitamin D. I took the cushions out and sat in the sun and closed my eyes to just relax and let my mind drift. Although the breeze was a little chilly, the sun felt great. I think my face even got a little sunburn. I lost some time while I was out there, so I think I may have dozed off. It was a good way to get some fresh air, too. Listening to all the birds in the tree above me was just so calming and relaxing. Great way to relax after a mentally tough WOD.

Music for the WOD was Control Denied.