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Front Squats Felt Extremely Heavy Today

Today started off right with a nice walk on this still and fairly mild November morning after the sun came up. While I like being out at night and seeing the moon and the stars the traffic lights are just do annoyingly blinding so I can’t really see the night sky anyways. With my girlfriend having off today we drank our coffee this morning and waited for the sun to come up before we went out.

There was a brief hope that we’d get to head out for our walk in the sun as the sun was out as it came up. Sadly the clouds quickly built over the area but it was expected and forecasted. Seeing any sunshine at all this morning was a nice surprise.

After our walk I got changed and went out into the garage to take on my strength for the day.

The front squats were the worst for me today by far at a heavy 230 pounds for three sets of five. The high reps of heavy step ups on Thursday and the 150 sandbag back squats that I did yesterday only made this feel worse today. It turns out that even though that barbell with the 230 pounds felt crushing to me in the front rack the actual front squats felt easy given how far on the heavier end for me they were. My last set was the best set of squats where all five were strong and explosive reps.

I know physically I should have a few more weight increases in me but I have to be in the mental state to actually believe that I can make the lifts when they get tough. Today’s, as tough as they felt, looked great. I always feel like my back is starting to give on the heavier ones even though that isn’t happening so I abort the reps too soon.

Next up were the strict presses. I did these at a, thankfully, fairly light 110 pounds. My legs felt done so it was nice that I didn’t have to use them for anything other than just standing for a bit. The presses ended up feeling reasonably good too. I did feel as if I was pressing a little forward today. I’m not sure what that was about. I did my three sets of five of them this morning but didn’t do any extras today.

Finally it was time to move on to my power cleans. They felt pretty decent although my tired legs from the heavy front squats did have my timing feeling a little bit off. They were a lighter 160 pounds for five triples so it wasn’t a big deal. My legs were just misfiring from being exhausted.

Music for my strength was Candlemass