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Good Day Lifting But Later And Hotter Than I'd Prefer

I slept pretty good last night. It was nice and fairly cool with the fan on. Unfortunately, I got woken up earlier than I was ready to get woken up by a police car out on Main Street that sounded like he was chasing someone. I got up and took my thyroid pill. No problem, I thought. I can go back to sleep. That’s when a skunk sprayed. By the smell of the pungent skunk spray, it seemed as if it sprayed on the porch roof right in front of the window. That was strong! That’s when I decided to get up and drink my coffee.

We headed to Stauffers in Lancaster to get hanging plants for the patio. You can’t beat the quality of their plants. They’re a little pricier, but I am a strong believer of you get what you pay for.

After we got home from there, we went over to Give Sadie her birthday gift. We ended up hanging out a couple of hours and talking to her mom and dad on the patio. That was really nice.

On to the day in the garage gym now. It started off with the usual back squats. Today I had to do three sets of five at two hundred and thirty pounds. It’s a moderate weight for me, but they felt really great today. I got through them pretty quickly and debated on whether I wanted to do more sets for more work. I ultimately decided not to, with it being pretty warm and that fact that we’re going to Joy’s tonight to drink. Today I was happy with how they felt, though. I felt like I was moving really well. The back squats felt significantly lighter than they should have for the weight I used today. They were very explosive lifts and nice deep squats.

Strict presses were up next. They were a moderately light weight of a hundred and seven pounds for five sets of three. These felt heavier for the weight than they should have. Not difficult or anything. It was just that they felt a little heavier than the given weight normally does. I was moving well with them, so I went ahead and did the two extra sets for five sets of five.

Power cleans were my last lift of the day. I love power cleans! Today I had to do one hundred and sixty pounds for five triples.. They felt strange today. Not bad, just different. Regardless, I was moving well with nice quick elbows and got through my five sets pretty easily. The only issue I had on this day was my sweaty hands with it being pretty warm today. It seemed that the bar wanted to slip out of my hands at times.

So in conclusion, I would say I had a pretty good day in the garage today. It went better than I would have expected, with it being hotter than I’d like and later in the day than I’d like. Being later goes right along with it being hotter. I had no misses and never even felt I was close to missing anything, so that’s always a positive. At least it wasn’t humid. I guess we’ll be putting the air conditioner into the garage window very soon now. It is almost June.

Music For was Nevermore