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Strength And A WOD Felt Great Today

My strength for today was all light stuff for now but it really did end up feeling great. I really felt like I was moving well and cleanly. Don’t be confused by that because if I am not moving well I would call it a day and try again next time. Thankfully that’s a rare issue.

The squats felt great and I feel like I have improved my form with them even more. I didn’t think there was much to improve but there really will always be something. I recorded every set including the warm up sets with my phone and checked out the videos before doing the next set. It’s such a useful tool to use a digital camera to record yourself and check your technique. The squats were light at 190 pounds. Just over body weight! I am taking it easy on these to feel out my leg and make sure it doesn’t act up again. I did five sets of five at this weight and was truly hitting stable ass to grass squats so I am happy about that..

Bench press felt really good too. My wrist was a bit angry the last time I benched but today it’s feeling better. Don’t let doors close and bend your thumb backwards. The other one already has I lump (I am guessing a ganglion cyst.) That formed shortly after I bent that thumb backwards a few years ago. It doesn’t really bother me anymore. The bench felt pretty decent though at 145 pounds. I did five sets of five at this weight. Hoping to bring my max above 225 next time I max out!

I did the good mornings at 80 pounds again. The stretch in my legs really felt great. I could go a lot heavier on these but the weight of this lift will go up very slowly if at all.

A while later after recovering I did a WOD. a bunch of rounds of sand bag hang cleans, shoulder to over head and box jump overs. I chose to to do step up and overs as the scaled option to prevent any awkward landings. The other reason is we just don’t have the failure space in our garage for missed box jumps. When I do miss I tend to go over the other side. The other reason is 70 box jumps is really just fucking stupid. Yes I could do it but high rep box jumps sort of misses the point. They are a damn fun exercise though!