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Lazy Sort Of Day Today

Today I’ve been feeling sort of lazy all day long. I haven’t really felt like going out into the garage to do a WOD and I didn’t. With my hip being a little angry still from walking into that stupid bike rack the WODs I looked at just didn’t seem like a great idea.

Finally in the afternoon I got gathered up just enough ambition to go out there and give my twenty rep squats a shot. I can say that I had no idea how they would go with my hip thing and had promised myself that i felt anything in it I’d rack or dump the bar and try another day.

I felt good with my warm up sets and even better with the working set of twenty at a decently light 195 pounds. I actually got through them pretty quickly. They felt great. Even better feeling was the nice warm sunshine coming in the door and shining on my back and legs. That felt great and I went out side for a little bit after I was done.

The squats themselves went really well. I think today was my fastest ever time completing my twenty reps. I normally take it slower than I need to even and very light weights to not allow myself to get tool sloppy with my form. They seemed to be extra deep today too. Odd thing I did notice with them this session is my heart rate stayed a few points lower than last week. All twenty of my reps looked identically mechanical today. I guess I should say twenty one since that’s what I ended up doing when I counted them in the video. I’d lost count

The past few weeks my resting heart rate has been in the low 50s so that could be a factor I’m sure.

Music for today’s twenty rep squats was Dio

After missing our evening walk the past couple of days we got out for a nice two mile or so walk this evening after supper. With no wind and the temperature in the upper forties it made it a really nice evening for a walk so we ended up going longer than we anticipated going.