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I Am Noticing Improvements In My Running Even Though I Haven't Been Running Much

Most of this spring so far other than a few days here and there have featured rain at various times of the day. The rain puts a damper on my ability and desire to do running WODS out side. For one I don’t want to track mud through our garage.

The other main reason to defer the running WODS is that Crossfit type of shoes tend to be very slippery when they’re wet and that wouldn’t end well with weight or explosive movements like box jumps or the like.

Regardless of not doing them over the past couple of days I’ve done two WODS that involved running. The 400 meters isn’t killing me any more and it always has in the past. My heart rate actually has been dropping during the run portion of the workout! This is just yet another example of how I’ve said and thought before that improvements aren’t always shown on the whiteboard alone.