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Everything Felt Heavy As Fuck With My Lifts Today

To start things off I didn’t sleep all that well last night at all. I slept good when I slept but I kept waking up throughout the night. I wasn’t feeling rested this morning and we had to run to the grocery store before I even did my lifts to beat the crowd.

The squats were very heavy for me for sets of five at 265 pounds and I failed as i expected today. I wasn’t really feeling it from the get go and while the reps I performed felt pretty good and actually looked good according to the video my brain shut it down. My squats did feel a lot more glute dominate today which is unusual for me and I think that was a factor in throwing me off on them. Even during the warm up set I entertained the idea of preemptively lowering the weight but in the end I decided to push on. I am okay with how they went today. I certainly didn’t want to fail but I expected it was the likely outcome today.

The strict presses didn’t feel as bad as I thought they would with the three sets of five at 120 pounds. It’s a pretty heavy weight for me but I got through them pretty easily given the weight.

Finally I had five single deadlifts to do today at 285 pounds. These really surprised me as they went well and didn’t feel that difficult or even as heavy as they should have felt. Molly said my legs were shaking though but I didn’t notice it. My grip held out nicely for me to knock these out today and got through the the deadlifts with no problems. Onward to 295 pounds next session of DL!

Music for today was Candlemass.