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Back To My Lifting After taking A Week Off

Last week, for various reasons, I took off from my lifting and also scaled back on the WODs. For one thing, I had been feeling run down. The late Phillies games and the first real heat of the spring only worsened that. My girlfriend was also away for the first part of the week on a work trip, so if anything went awry with my lifting, no one was going to be around. I had been planning to let it be a true recovery week for a little while now, and that’s what I did. I took the WODs as mostly body weight ones.

Last night I slept okay and was eager to get back to lifting first thing this morning. Today is squat day, and I love squats. That was all I kept thinking about while I drank my coffee this morning. I missed my morning lifting, but the rest was needed.

I got into the dark and dreary garage on this misty, foggy morning and got to work on my squats as soon as I thought I was late enough. It’s week one of the cycle and fairly light still, so I didn’t anticipate any fails, but I still wouldn’t want to be too loud. It was fairly warm in the garage, but a little too humid, but not too bad.

The squats felt good for me this morning. Maybe a little heavier than they should have, and my body felt a little sluggish, but I felt strong with the lighter sets as I should and got through them easily enough. I was enjoying myself and just took my time working through my sets. I don’t know why, but back squats bring me inner peace ninety-nine percent of the time. I enjoy squatting.

The final working was the five plus reps at two hundred and fifty-five pounds. It wasn’t that heavy for me and felt good on the sets. I stopped at eight reps, although I felt like I had more in the tank. I felt a slight tightness in my left leg and didn’t want to aggravate it. The other day, I stepped on a curb and rolled my ankle a bit awkwardly. That’s the life of being visually impaired, though.

Shortly after my squats, I got a simple WOD in. It was a bunch of air squats, fake double unders and alternating presses. The squats went a little worse than I thought they would. I got it done, but I broke the squats a bit with feeling that tightness in my leg. It felt good to get something done early.

I wanted to get a shower early because I am thinking about throwing on my Phillies City Connect jersey if it gets here today. They grew on me quickly, especially after I saw Molly’s in person. Who knows if it will get here today or not? FedEx has switched from today to tomorrow and now back to today for early delivery. I actively try to avoid places that I ship with FedEx, and even more so when I know the place uses efficient* shippers if I can.

Music was Temple Of The Dog