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Excellent Morning In The Garage

I slept pretty good last night. Maybe not quite long enough, though. I woke up at about 4:30 or so and had to piss. I took my thyroid pill then and tried to back to sleep, but wasn’t able to. I kept thinking abut the freshly brewed coffee that I smelled walking past the stairs. Eventually, I just got up after unsuccessfully trying to get back to sleep.

I got up and drank my coffee while catching up on some things on the internet. It was nice hearing some showers with bursts of rain. We needed it. I was ready to head out into the garage as soon as possible to get my strength done before we have to do some running around.

This morning began with my back squats at a nice light two hundred pounds even. I did my five sets of five quickly and easily, but given the light weight, that’s how they should have gone. Today I didn’t know what to expect out of these squats after the lungesters yesterday felt so tough along with the row. They ended up feeling great for me and I felt like I really was moving well. Nice deep upright squats were what I was getting today.

Strict presses were up next after I finished with my squats. These were at one hundred and seventeen pounds, which is on the heavier end of a moderate weight for me for given the sets of five. I easily worked my way through the five sets of five that I did today, and they looked and felt great. I mixed things up with them today and passed on using my belt, so I don’t come to rely on it. I like it with heavier presses to help me feel my back’s position, but I want to avoid getting too dependent on it. They felt surprisingly good and easier than I expected today.

Last on today’s plan for me, I had to get in my five triples of power cleans. They’re getting a bit up there at the one hundred and seventy pounds that I used for them this morning, but not heavy. They felt really great, and I felt like I was moving well enough with them. I had nice fast elbows and no misses or sloppy reps. The only issue I had with them is gas and farting. That throws me off every time.

A few minutes after I finished with my lifts, I decided that I wanted to get a WOD in. I wanted to do an old favorite one so I looked it up quick to make sure I was remembering it right.

It was row a thousand meters then do a hundred alternating dumbbell snatches then row another thousand meter row. I like this WOD for days when I want a WOD that I can just move well at, especially when they program dumb stuff. The row is just there, and the snatches I can cycle quickly. I went with the forty pound dumbbell today, like I did last time. I started the snatches with a set of twenty, and intended on sticking with that rep scheme, buy my hands just go too sweaty. I didn’t want to risk getting sloppy with switching hands. Either way, I PRed the WOD by about a minute from last time I did it and got my heart rate jacked into the hundred and seventies. That second row sure is challenging but at the same time you can embrace it since you don’t have to save anything for any other part of the WOD.

It was a great morning and a good way to start the day. By 9:30 am or so I have already done more than most people on this block will dol in a week.

Music today was Death