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My Lifting Went OK Today

I’ve been feeling a little fatigued lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not sleeping well or enough or maybe my thyroid levels are a bit off since COVID. That’s sort of what it feels like but my stomach had gotten a bit wacky during that.

Either way I got done with what I needed to do today and that was all I could really ask for. It wasn’t bad but it was far from the worst day I’ve had in the garage gym. No fails and any day out there is a good one in my books.

The squats are getting up there in weight with a somewhat heavy for today 240 pounds. I wouldn’t call it heavy yet but today it did feel maybe a little heavier than it might have on other days. I did get through the three sets of five at this weight relatively easily. They went better than they felt. The warm up sets at 135 and 185 also felt heavier than they really should have felt and that is when I knew it would be one of those days. Even though they felt slow and heavy the video looked great with a nice deep, upright and fast squat.

After resting a few minutes I lowered the weight down to 180 for this week’s twenty rep squats. Even these felt heavier than they should have or actually were. The weight was definitely manageable as it should have been. I just got through the reps a tad slower than I normally would have.

Next were my strict presses at a 117 pounds. This weight is already on the heavier side for me to rep out the presses but it felt tougher today. I did finish the three sets of five with relative ease today so that is leading me to believe today is just a mentally heavy day and not so much a physically heavy day.

Finally today was power clean day and these were a light to moderate 160 pounds for five of triples. They felt slow and a little sloppy but didn’t really look that way. They looked pretty good.

Music was Crowbar today. I wanted something just crushingly heavy.