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Today Even The Empty Bar Felt Heavy

I felt like I slept pretty well last night, but not long enough. I woke up feeling somewhat refreshed when I first got up, but it didn’t last long. Soon I was feeling pretty tired. I am just feeling pretty rundown today. What I think happened is that I just had a restless sleep last night. I remember waking up a few times. The air conditioner’s sound was annoying me a lot last night. It was one of those nights when pretty much everything was annoying me. It took me forever to fall asleep.

I drank my coffee and debated whether I wanted to give my squats a try. I knew I’d be distracted by the poison ivy on my arm. The coffee was good as always! As it usually happens when I get poison, I just have a couple of lines of it on my arm where I got scratched up by thorns. Thankfully, I only get it where the skin is broken. I eventually decided to head out into the home gym to get it done.

The first thing I noticed when I started warming up was that the bar felt heavy. Yes, that’s what I meant. Just the empty barbell was feeling heavy. Not for the squats, but it felt heavy on my traps. My traps are angry, probably originating from the heavy overhead kettlebell swings the other day, so they were feeling more sensitive to the weight. I was moving well while squatting, and of course that improved as I added weight to help me balance it better.

The working sets felt pretty good. They felt a little better on my shoulders as I got used to them, but they were still heavier than normal. The squats actually felt excellent on my legs. I did take my time working through my sets, warming up my shoulders, and getting used to the bar.

Finally, I was up to the main set. Today I had the one plus reps. The two hundred and eighty pounds on the bar felt heavy on my shoulders. It is pretty heavy for me, but I knew I should be able to get at least one in. I had no intention of being super aggressive with my back squats on this day. I just have too many distractions going on today. The squats felt great! I got a fairly easy feeling at that weight. I started to feel my arm itching a bit from the poison ivy, so I racked the bar, but I know I left at least a rep or two in the tank. Without full focus, it just wasn’t a good time to push it.

At the end of the day, I was surprised and thrilled with the results today. The squats felt great for me on a less than ideal day. I got under the bar with some heavy weights on it and lifted it! Not every time is going to feel great. Any day in the home gym is a great day in my books!

Music today was Ozzy.