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Heavy Squats Felt Great Today But The WOD Not So Much

I slept great last night. It took me a while to settle down and fall asleep after the Eagles win, but once I did, I slept straight through the night.

I woke up feeling great! I enjoyed the coffee and did my normal news browsing stuff like that. Normally, like to wait until the mail man delivers the mail before heading off in to the garage. I figured that way the mail won’t blow away or something if I bring it in, and it forces me to get out there at a reasonable time as to not be that asshole neighbor. I’d probably be out there lifting and drinking my coffee otherwise. Today I was anxious to get at my squats, but I waited until I got the mail, which was just before 9:00 AM.

I got changed and headed out to get started with my squats. While warming up, I realized that I was getting extra deep today and they felt great. I quickly made my way through those lighter warm up sets and felt even better as I moved along. The working sets felt outstanding today and that final AMRAP set of one plus at two hundred and seventy-five pounds really felt great. I wound up getting a PR of four after not increasing my training max to allow extra time for recovery if I experienced any COVID-19 issues sticking in me. It didn’t feel heavy at all. I stopped on the fourth set because I felt like I was slowing down too much but the video showed that I did indeed slow down but not that much. I should have gone for another one or two!

I wore my leg day shirt with the dinosaur squatting on it. I think that helps me on these heavy squat days. A while back I wanted to get more funny tshirts like that one and had some websites that I bookmarked. Somehow I either lost those links or the sites got shut down. That was near the time when we still went into the Crossfit gym, so it’s been several years. I’ve searched and haven’t found anything I really liked since.

When I was done, my legs did feel like they were shot, so I thought it would be best if I skipped the widow maker set today. I thought about getting on the twenty reps set later, but thought better of it. After all, that’s just an accessory.

I drank my protein and recovered a bit while look at WODs. I had already done today’s vault WOD, so I looked ahead and saw Saturday’s offered a heavy sandbag version. It was near fifty outside, so I thought that would be a good one to do today while the weather is cooperative. I got everything all set up and got started. The sandbag over the shoulder wasn’t feeling right today, and neither did the push-ups. It would have been a twenty minute EMOM and if it was feeling off on the first minute I took that as a good sign to abort the WOD. It happens occasionally.

I looked again at WODs and decided to do aversion of one form a few weeks ago that had ring dips. I was disappointed I didn’t do that version because push up plus drags are somewhat dumb. So are the hop overs, but oh well. I wanted to see if my new no bull runners would be any better for the hop overs. They were not. That hopping to me seems like such a waste. They do not get my heart rate up at all, and are in no way even on the same page for me when it concerns to being a similar stimulus to double unders. The lateral hopping just doesn’t work for me.

On the plus side, the ring dips felt good. Not great, but tolerable. The sets of those got bigger as I went through the ninety-second intervals. Despite the painfully slow hop overs, I got in the upper end of the middle of the goal score. Granted, they weren’t my deepest ring dip, but I was going down until I felt a good stretch. They were strict too.

Later on in the afternoon, the sun came out when the skies cleared. The temperature quickly rose into the mid-fifties, so I had to take the cushions outside and collect some vitamin D. That felt great. Between all of that, I realized I forgot to eat something for lunch. Oh, well. It was too close to supper time by then, so I just snacked on some crackers.

Music today was Alice In Chains.