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I’ve always struggled mentally with deadlifts. I think that comes from back when I wasn’t able to set my back well. It was OK but not great. I just didn’t have the control of it for what I needed so my deadlifts were always limited and it’s frustrating at times. Most times going for a max my brain just shuts it down when it’s heavy enough to bend the bar.

I’ve had the back setup problem solved for years. One day it just clicked and stayed. That’s not to say I don’t have an occasional sloppy rep but I abort that lift as soon as I’m aware it’s shit. Usually the bar is still below my knees.

My deadlift is barely above my ass to grass squat. I always squat deep because I’ve always had the mobility to do so. It’s always been natural for me.

My other big limiting factor is grip strength. I just can’t seem to hold onto the bar or improve my grip strength to keep up with my body. Being gifted with short fat fingers doesn’t help much. After messing up my shoulder tripping while carrying granite I couldn’t do mixed grip for well over a year. Moral to that story is if your foot misses the step don’t sacrifice your body to save granite.

I really do love deadlifts though. They’re an awesome exercise that everyone should do. There’s that bad ass feeling when you walk away after heavy deads. Why is it that I have to love everything that I suck at? Time to get serious about getting my deadlift stronger!

Why didn’t I pursue lifting when I was younger instead of getting old and fat?