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Squats Felt Really Good This Morning

I slept great last night. We had the windows open, and the white noise of outside always seems to help me get a good night’s sleep. No loud cars woke me up like the night, unlike Saturday night, when there was all sort s noise outside to wake me up. It was still humid but cooler last night, It was just cool enough that I did not feel hot but not so much that I needed to get under the sheet. There was also no nuisance smoke from fire pits!

I woke up feeling good and refreshed. While drinking me coffee, I continued working on my little project of changing how the summaries are done on all of my posts on here. I just was moving them out of the key into the actual post separated by the --more-- break. That is seemingly more universal than the key format I’d been using and supported by Zola. I’m at least looking into converting this from Hugo to Zola some time in the future. I would have liked to have just used a script to do it, but just wasn’t able to come up with a consistent pattern of what to mach and how to move the lines to move the lines. With every idea, I came up with, I just kept thinking of how a script would break more than it fixes. There were inconsistent line breaks in the text, among other things.

Around mid-morning, I headed out into the garage to work on my back squats. My knee hasn’t been bugging me like it was last week, so I was anxious to get under the bar. It was one of those special mornings in the gym where I was just having a great time lifting. I was really enjoying myself and feeling well-connected. I took my time working my up through the lighter weights while warming up, and they continued feeling great.

The final set for today was the three at two hundred and seventy pounds. The bar felt nice and light on my shoulders and I got an easy five reps. I only stopped because I felt like I slowed down significantly on that fifth rep, but the video shows I didn’t. In fact, the video shows that it was just as speedy and explosive as the first four. Oh well, I know I’m overly cautious at times. That’s why I’ve been safe, though.

I ate something then decided to rest my legs and mow the lawn since it needed to be done. It was nice to get some sunshine.

After I was done with that, I decided to get a WOD done for the day. I wanted to just move and rest my hands a bit. Doing a dumbbell WOD outside in the sun last week with extra sweat tore up my fingers a bit, so they’re peeling some. I’d rather take an easy day, let them heal, than tear them. It was just rowing, air squats and step-ups for the WOD.

Music today was Soreption.