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Went Heavy Today

Last night I slept okay, but not long enough at all. I woke up at about 2 o’clock this morning to piss, then laid in bed for who knows how long, wide awake. I did eventually fall asleep again but woke up a little before five o’clock. Even though I was still tired, my brain said, “Nope, it’s time to get up. You’re awake now!”

We went for breakfast this morning. The first place had the doors locked even though they were supposed to be open. The website and the door said they opened at seven, but we were there about a quarter after and locked out. There were people inside. The funny thing is, we watched the people who pulled in behind us leave when they saw us not get in. That’s at least two customers lost. We wound up going to Lyndon Diner, and that was good. As always, I ate too much when we had breakfast because we only go a few times a year. I love breakfast food, but we don’t eat breakfast. That made me feel even more tired.

We wanted to go geocaching, but both of us were just too tired. So instead we went to the “spinny park” as the kids used to call it. That way we could just walk a couple of laps on the trail in the sunshine and get some vitamin D. I mean, it is November and in the sixties. Shorts were the garment of choice for the walk. The walk itself felt great, as did the sun. It really made me feel like a zombie toward the end. We came home, and I sat around for a few minutes, then the bar started calling me. I wanted to do my Crossfit total this weekend, and I had time before the Eagles game to get it done, so I did just that.

The empty bar felt good but heavy when I started out with my squats. Today I made bigger jumps in the weights while warming up since I knew I was dead tired and was only going for singles and not an AMRAP. The thing that stood out the most is that even though the bar was feeling heavy, the squats felt very explosive to me. Two hundred and seventy-five pounds felt heavy on my back, but was actually an easy lift. I made the big jump from there up to three hundred and five pounds. I did 310 last week as part of my regular strength training, and that was a nice easy lift, so I thought the 305 would be easy. It was, in fact, a very explosive lift.

Given my tiredness and lack of energy, I figured I had one more attempt in me for the squats, so I made the big jump to three hundred and twenty-five pounds. I knew I had more in the tank last week when I hit 310, and when I had my lifetime PR at 315 last summer, I went all in. I failed the lift. Honestly, I thought I had it, and so did Molly. I think my brain just shut it down because I was running out of energy. She didn’t get that fail on video, so I can’t “debug” what went wrong, but it felt great for a weight that I never had on my back in my life. I count it as a success even though I didn’t make the lift. I got under that bar with confidence and no intimidation.

Next up was the fun of unloading the bar to get at my presses. I had low expectations for them, but they went well. The light weights felt pretty good and solid, so I worked my way up in weights while warming up. I got up to a hundred and forty-five pounds, which is heavy but a weight I make about ninety-five percent of the time. That was effortless today. I made the jump to a hundred and fifty-five pounds, and that was easy for me today. That’s a weight that I may carry on a good day, but on many days it’d be a failure. Since that felt and looked so great, I jumped up to one hundred and sixty-three pounds. That would have been a lifetime PR, I think. I failed the lift, but after seeing the video, I should have fought for it. I thought my back was giving, but in the video, I could see that wasn’t an issue. As I have said a million times, I can admit that I tend to be overly cautious.

Music today was Alice In Chains.