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Lifetime PR, Three Squats At 290 Today

I woke up feeling surprisingly good this morning. We went to Joy’s last night and I ate pizza and drank more. It was the second night there in a row since the neighbors wanted to go. As great as their food and drinks are, they tend to lead me to poor sleep, but that didn’t happen last night. Maybe because we went a bit earlier.

I did wake up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom. When I went back to bed, I laid there awake for a little while but not too long and was able to fall back to sleep.

I drank my coffee and read some news while I woke up and started thinking. The thinking was about the heavy back squats this week for my one plus PR set. I was intimidated by the weight because frankly it was fucking heavy. The other thing is I wanted to do it when Molly was home so that she could watch it. I like lifting in the morning while I’m fresh when possible, and that left me with the choice to do it today or wait until next Friday or Saturday. Waiting around and letting the intimidation eat a way at me wasn’t going to do me any good at all, so I figured I would give it a go today.

I got started with warming up with an empty bar, and the movement felt pretty good today. My foot had been bothering me yesterday, so I was unsure if I’d be able to go through with it today. One thing I can say is when I put the forty-five pound plates on they felt heavy just to pick up, The squats themselves didn’t feel heavy.

I tried to take my time working through the lighter weight sets while warming up, but I found myself moving through the m too quickly. One to two minutes into the rest, I was finding myself ready to go and had to make a conscious effort to slow down. Although the weight was feeling heavy today, I was feeling great with my movement. The squats were looking great.

Of course, by the time I got to the set at two hundred and sixty pounds, I was finding myself needing more rest to recover. Even then, though, I felt l was ready to quickly jump back int and get the final set. Thankfully, for time reasons and the fact that I caught it before unracking I misloaded the bar and had to fix that.

Finally, I was ready to move on to the main lift of today. My one plus PR set, which is where I was really feeling hesitant. Today I had to do that at two hundred and ninety pounds. Last summer I hit a heavy single and three hundred and five pounds and that felt pretty hard, so that’s why this weight was in my head a little. The reality of the matter is I had to do just fifteen pounds under my max for reps.

When I got under the bar with the two hundred and ninety pounds, it felt pretty light. I lucked out and was centered correctly, and it just felt good. That first squat felt outstanding and easy. The second welt felt pretty easy too. The final one was a little more challenging, but I would have called it difficult. I stood there for a second after the third rep, contemplating attempting a fourth. The video of the last three sets shows all of my squats looking excellent too!

Music today was Alice In Chains