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I Wasn't Expecting It But All OF My Lifts Were Explosive Today

I woke up extra early today and was feeling tired and lazy all day. I was thinking if I didn’t get an increase in energy I’d skip the starting strength today and push it back by a day. Eventually Around 1 I want out in the garage and started setting up but I noticed everything was slippery and wet from the humidity increase. Today was power clean day and didn’t need the bar slipping out of my hand.

A few hours later we had a collapsing thunderstorm move through with the cold front so the sun came back out with dropping humidity. I decided to give it a go. I was still feeling tired and slow but once I got under the bar things were clicking and feeling good

Back squats at 215 felt really good. Very mechanical feeling and getting used to being more upright and sitting straight down again. I am not sure why I had lost some of that but I did. They were deep and explosive with the bar popping up a bit at the top.

The strict presses were at 117 today and while it felt heavy the lifts them selves felt relatively easy for the sets of 5. Usually they start to slow down the last set of 5 but there was not sign of that at all today.

The sets of 3 power cleans is what I was the most pleased with today. I was to do 180 pounds. My max triple I’ve ever done was 195 pounds I think so I thought I may be nearing the end of the line with these. Instead I felt fast and very explosive with these. My timing was right on for them and it was racked before I realized it was even heavy. By the video I took some old bad habits were not present today, mainly rushing the pull and cutting extension short. My elbows too were nice and fast, they could have been higher but I’m working on that again.