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I Did My Lifts And An Easier WOD Today

Thankfully today’s lifts weren’t really all that heavy but I was feeling a bit rundown from the start from yesterday’s challenging WOD. That WOD was more similar to something that might have been programmed in our old gym as opposed to street parking’s which are generally lighter. It was simple but nasty. 15 rounds of 5 deadlifts and 3 cleans. They were full cleans, i hate the term “squat” cleans. I chose to do 145 pounds and actually felt really good. It was a good test for my new Nobull shoes which I found to be very solid and stable.

Today I had to do 3 sets of five squats and a pretty easy 225 pounds. They were super explosive today and even easily popped the bar up after the first rep of the last set to center it. Have I ever mentioned I love squatting?

The next thing was the 3 sets of 5 bench press. I had to do 145 today and given the fact that I felt good and it was light I did 5 easy sets. Turned the last one into an AMRAP and I am pretty sure that I ended up with 12 or 13. There was probably a couple of more in the tank too!

I skipped the good mornings for today considering how beat up my legs are from yesterday’s WOD. I don’t want to risk sloppy reps with the particular exercise.

Rather than doing the sets of pull ups they tell you to do I continued with my weekly EMOM of weighted pull ups adding a bit of weight each week. This week I did 57 pounds and they actually felt pretty easy.

I went with an easier version of today’s WOD since I was still a bit worn out from yesterday. That felt pretty good to get some blood flowing.