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Giving Twenty Rep Back Squats Another Go

With fall arriving it is and will stay cooler for a while now. I assume the spring heat prematurely killed my front squats after I’d failed the back squats in the spring. That was before we decided to put our old air conditioner into the garage window. While when I did the twenty rep squats before it didn’t really help with strength it certainly improved my endurance for squat movements and just leg movements in general. Obviously the reps helped improve my squat form too.

Today I decided it was time to restart it at about 50 percent of my 1 rep max. Technically it’s slightly less that 50 percent at 145 pounds but that was an easy starting point to just load 4 25 pound plates on the bar. They went really well and really easily so that was a nice surprise. I thought it would be tougher since I haven’t done high reps in a few months.

After that I decided to play around with overhead squats. They’ve been the bane of my lifting forever. I always had a weird shift near parallel. I think it was from forcing deep overhead squats too soon when I didn’t really have the mind muscle connection to do it. Today that wasn’t present. My feet weren’t shifting as much as they had in the past either. My back was nice and straight and I was pretty upright in the squat easily hitting the bottom. It was just one day and only the fifteen pound training bar but it made me happy to say the least. Balance was iffy but I had stability considering. My one arm stayed locked that would always bend in the past. Who knows what’s changed. Maybe it’s the very long hiatus from the movement helping me unlearn or forget old bad habits.

After that I PRed a repeat WOD by about 2 minutes. It was 40 sandbag hang power cleans, 30 burpees, 40 sandbag thrusters, 30 burpees, 40 sandbag back squat and then 30 more burpees. I got 18 minutes and some change which I was pleasantly surprised by. I felt like I was moving too slowly but was trying to keep a steady pace through which I at least accomplished. This WOD was every bit as terrible as I had remembered it being back in the spring. It felt good to push it a bit today which I haven’t done in a few weeks due to my quad.

Today’s Music choice was Abnormality.