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Interesting Strength Day Today Went Much Better Than I Actually Expected

I have to admit I didn’t really have any high expectations for my strength workout today. Shortly before I was going to do it part of my one quad just suddenly started to cramp a bit. That just came right out of the blue and have no idea where it came from.

I took a little time to stretch and warm up a little bit to felt things out. See I do stretch and warm up if I feel I need to! I just rarely feel the need to do it since I am naturally mobile and loose.

For the squats I took my good old time between sets and mentally relaxed. Normally I work through the warm up pretty quickly but not today. They felt okay in the beginning and got progressively better as I got more sets in. That was really a nice and pleasant surprise coming from having accepted the fact that I might not get through my 3x5 and debating on resetting the weight for next time or giving it another go. All them thoughts were for nothing because I managed to get through my working sets relatively easily. Maybe a little slower between reps but really focusing on the though that I’d stop if any pain occurred. Obviously I wanted to fight through it but not at the cost of putting myself in bad place and causing a real injury to force myself to take an extended period of time off. None did and I managed to easily do 5x5 at the 235 pounds I was set to do today. I was happy with that for sure.

Next up was bench press. That was to be 3x5 at 175 pounds. It felt really good considering my shoulders are cooked still from suns out guns out yesterday. The lifts all felt pretty light and explosive all except for the last rep of the 4th set. I think that was more of an issue of being slightly off center on the bar. I tend to have that issue with all my lifts though. legally blind person problems. All in all they felt good though. I’m feeling I might finally pass that 185 and maybe be passing body weight on these for reps!

Next up was good mornings. I was concerned these would anger my leg too but they were fine. I easily got through my sets of them at 80 pounds. I could easily go heavier on them but won’t do so in any rushed fashion.

Pull ups didn’t feel so great with my shoulders being done from yesterday’s suns out guns out and then fucking around with L pull ups. I did eek out 6, 6 and 5 though.

The music choice for today was NILE! One of my first real ventures into this sort of metal back in the early 2000s