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Knee Is Bugging Me But Squats Felt Great

Last night I slept great. We had the window open and that helped me sleep well as it usually does. I heard the railroad construction vehicles go past a few times, but thankfully they weren’t right out in front of our house. It was a much-needed night of good sleep.

I woke up feeling pretty good. I really felt rested and refreshed. It was a good morning and I enjoyed drinking my morning coffee while browsing the web. I was done with that fairly early and found myself really looking forward to getting out into the garage gym to get my squats in.

One thing I wasn’t looking forward to was seeing how the squats felt on my knee. It’s feeling somewhat angry today. I don’t know if it’s from doing those jump overs on Saturday or twisting it in odd ways reaching to pull weeds out of the patio. I didn’t hurt, but it kept feeling like it wanted to give out on me if I stepped a little weird.

I wanted to at least give my back squats a shot. I figured I’d know early on with the lightest weights if it was going to work or not, and I’d decide on whether I wanted to continue based on that. The empty bar felt pretty good, and as the weight increased they felt even better! I did take a slightly longer rest time than I typically do, but not that much longer, and it only happened because I purposely forced myself to.

Finally, I got up to my AMRAP set. This week’s is the three plus PR set, so it is certainly pretty heavy for me. Today I had to do two hundred and eight pounds for that set. I unracked it and paused a few seconds to see how my knee felt with that much weight on my back, then proceeded to get started on the squatting. I treated the three squats that I did as three separate singles, pausing a few seconds between each to feel how my knee felt. Much to my surprise, I got through the three pretty easily. If it were not for my knee, I figure I’d have been good for four or five reps easily, but today wasn’t the day for that. I took my triple as a massive win for today and was happy to just get under some heavy weight. Per the video, they all looked great and pretty explosive for how heavy the weight was.

While I was recovering from my squats I went outside to get the grass cut. It gave me a chance to get some sunshine while doing that and now it’s done for the week.

Shortly after mowing the lawn, I got a simple shift WOD from Street Parking done. I didn’t want anything too aggressive with my knee feeling weak. The other thing with I did with the WOD is I only went at about seventy-five percent intensity. That’s what made sense for this day.

Music today was Noneuclid.