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Finally Got A Chance To Play With The Dumbbells Today

I decided it’s time to start getting used to some dumbbell movements today. I chose to do one of street parking’s suns out guns out ones.

It wasn’t for time so it made it easier to focus on taking my time with movements I haven’t done in years. The first part was 100 should presses with 15 v ups every time you break up the presses. I did sit ups because for some unknown to me reason my body just doesn’t seem to want to understand V ups. My theory is it has to do with me favoring one side all the time having one significantly better eye. I always lean to that side when doing them. I used the 35 pound dumbbells for the presses and it was more than doable. I did smaller sets than I would have liked but broke them up before failure as it’s a movement I haven’t done in at least several years. That and the fact that I was have used 20s or 25s last time I did them. I am much stronger these days.

The other part was an epic failure. Well maybe that’s an exaggeration but it didn’t go so great. It started out with max effort skull crushers. They went okay but then it had max effort rolling triceps extensions. This exercise just wasn’t making too much sense to my body. To be fair it’s the first time I’ve ever done them and as the reps went on it started clicking a little more. After that it was max effort dumbbell bench press. Those went okay. I did these all on the floor thinking it’d be a little better if I fail since I am not really all that proficient with these movements. I went lighter with these using the 25 pound weights.

When I was done with that it was time for a little fuckarounditus. Not really but as I was doing the workouts we were talking about L pull ups so I decided to see if I’ve improved them. They’re not something I practice or anything, it’s just one of those things that popped into my head several years ago in the gym wondering if I could do any. I did then and it was ugly but I did it. The gym owner saw it and sort of laughed and called me a showoff or something like that jokingly. Well today I did two easy chest to bar ones with my body tighter and legs straighter and more horizontal.

My music choice for this workout today was some Swallow The Sun.