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Squatted My Old Trinium Max For Three!

I have not slept well the past few days. I don’t know why, but I have just been waking up not feeling very refreshed. The biggest thing is that I have been waking up at night more than usual, too. I find myself just laying there awake for no reason.

This morning, I did things backwards. I got in a quick WOD before doing my lifting. It only took me about ten minutes to get through it. The garage is chillier now and the heater isn’t on yet, so I wanted to wait until it warmed up a bit to get at my heavy squats. The WOD was just push-ups, kettlebell swings and air squats. I got through it quickly today. I went with a lighter than I usually use, a twenty-four kilogram kettlebell, and went mostly overhead today. Normally, I don’t purposely go overhead because it’s a stupid standard, but if it does happen, that’s great. It really did get my heart rate up.

After I relaxed a while and the garage warmed up a bit, I decided to get changed again and head back out to get my squats for the day done. The AMRAP set was at a weight that intimidates a little. The other thing is the past couple of days my knee has felt swollen a bit. Not sore, but the one just feels like my pants are tighter, so I wanted to stay on the cautious side. I’ve been really hitting WOD hard recently.

The warm-up sets felt good as I worked through them. My knee didn’t bug me at all, which I was thankful for. I allowed a little extra rest time between sets. Well, maybe not on purpose. I kept fucking up with loading the weights. It was the kind of day when I could and did trip over my own feet.

When I got the tow main set of one plus reps it got in my head a little. That two hundred and sixty-five pounds was my max when we went to the old Crossfit gym, I hit that weight but with poor form. At that time, I sort of collapsed under the weight and squat morninged it. Not today, though. I know I am able to hit that weight with no issues, but it’s still in the back of my mind. I got a pretty easy triple today while not being aggressive at all with my knee. The squats looked clean and solid. On a day in which I was more comfortable pushing it, I figure I’d be good for five or six.

Shortly after I finished that, I unloaded some of the weight to get down to the two hundred and ten pounds that I needed for the twenty rep squat part of the program. These also felt good, but I did take them a little slower than I normally would with my knee. I wanted to feel any discomfort that might happen and stop before I worsened it. In the end, my knee was fine, and the squats looked and felt great.

All in all, it was a good day lifting for me. I have accepted that the two hundred and sixty-five pounds will always be a mental block for me. Even though I know I can do it any day now, I still think back to that ugly rep. It will just always be in the back of my mind.

Later, we took the chairs out on the patio and laid in the sun for a while. I definitely want to take advantage of the 70 ℉ while I can. The cool nights seem to have killed off the blood sucking bastards known as mosquitoes too. I ended up taking a nice nap in the sun.

After supper we had a nice walk. Didn’t even need to wear a jacket!

Music For today was Black Sabbath’s Born Again album.