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Made It!

Today with my strength it was time to squat heavy again. I wasn’t really feeling it at all today but I had to give it the best effort I could. The heat and humidity is slowly running me down this year I think.

I tried a warm up set without the air conditioner but quickly realized that wasn’t a good idea as it was so humid the bar was already feeling damp. Thankfully it doesn’t take much for the air conditioner to dry the air up and by the time I got to my working sets it was fine.

The working sets were to be 3 x 5 at 265 back squats today. This was huge for me since that was my all time 1 rep max back in Crossfit Trinium. Sure I was capable of more but just never could mentally get past the one ugly rep I had. The way I originally broke through that wall for a single was jumping above it when I was fairly positive I could do it. I was repping 255.

I got through the first set with no difficulty. It really didn’t even feel that heavy and slow. Some reps were explosive. Some a little slower but I got through it! If that was where today ended I would have been perfectly fine with it. Shit, I would have been happy with two reps. The second set went just as well too! A little slower but I got through them!

I failed the third rep of the last set and I am fine with it. I started losing position at the sticking point of that rep and instinctively had a smart bail. I believe I could have finished that rep and that set but don’t want fighting through poor movement patterns at this point in my life. I’ll get there again.

Later on in the day we did a sandbag WOD together. That was short but rough in the heat. The air conditioner was on but we didn’t have it on soon enough to really cool it off. It was tolerable but not comfortable but I guess that’s all we really want out of it anyways. My biggest concern is the bar or in the case of this WOD the sandbag slipping from all the sweat or me foot slipping out from under me while doing the bear complexes. Due to the sandbag rather than the barbell I had trouble cycling the bear complexes quickly but I chose that version of the WOD so that could workout together. I am so grateful we have the ability to have our home gym but having a little more space is one of the few changes I’d make if it were possible.

Today’s music choice was Virus - The Black Flux