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Strength Felt Surprising Good Today

I just wasn’t sure how the strength would go today. My knee is a bit angry from yesterday’s WOD in which I did several hundred hop overs over the sandbag. No matter what those are always awkward for me. I would tend to guess it’s more the vision than anything. Lets see I am hopping back and forth sideways over an object I can’t really tell how close I am to it with really only any functional vision on one side from one eye. I do them still hoping they get better. I also did 80 lunges.

Today I was to back squat 245. It felt easy as hell today. Maybe this time will be the one I power throw 250. I feel like it’s been in me but it’s sort of a mental block right now. I really shouldn’t say it felt easy because that’s never the case. It just felt more doable. The weight felt more tolerable on my back than it has in the past.

Bench press felt pretty good and went well at a mere 150 pounds. I didn’t do any extra as my hand is sort of sore still.

I skipped the good mornings with a somewhat angry hamstring from all those lunges and knew. Also passed on the pull ups since tomorrow’s WOD involves lots of burpee pull ups. I will either do that today or tomorrow.