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Made Seven Squats At 260 Pounds For A Personal Record

I felt surprisingly refreshed this morning after being up fairly late watching the Phillies game. The past few days I haven’t slept well at all and between that and the weather I have found myself feeling very run down. I was eager to get at my back squats this morning and got changed and took the few steps trip to the garage to put in the work as soon as I felt it was late enough.

Funny thing is, as concerned as I am about not being the noisy asshole neighbor, the dolts directly attached to us don’t. They’re the ones that slam their door all the time. Dozens of times a minute, sometimes. I don’t know how they can need to be in and out so many times. It’s been making me think of my Nan saying, “either you’re in or out.” When she works, that door is slammed dozens of times before 5:00 AM.

Then you have the person who has access to, so he uses a big tractor to mow. His yard is at most twenty feet across. I understand why he’s unable to do it, but they have a son that could and should be doing it. That thing is so loud that I can’t hear my music or even myself think inside our garage with the windows doors shut.

Back to what this is really about. When I began my light sets for the warm-up, I knew today was going to be a great day for my squats. I was moving well, and the bar felt light and easy on my shoulders. Today was one of those great days when I was truly enjoying myself. Sure, every day I get to lift I feel great, but there are days when it’s more of a mental chore. Today I was having fun with it. I took my time working though my increasingly heavy sets. It was just a day in which I was mentally on point and having fun with my lifting.

When I finally got to the goal, I was feeling great. Today’s AMRAP set was five plus reps at two hundred and sixty pounds. From the time I got under that bar, I knew it was going to be a good one. Even this heavier weight felt light and felt positioned just right when I took it from the rack. The first few reps were very explosive. The fourth rep was not so great. I got a tiny bit forward, so it was more of a fight. It wasn’t bad enough to stop. After that rep, I got some more fast and very explosive reps in. By the end of that set, I had completed seven reps. That was a personal record for me!

After I was done, I looked at my video and from seeing that I probably had a couple of more good reps in me. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn to trust myself and be a little more aggressive.

Music today was Poema Arcanus