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Awesome Day For Strength And A WOD Today

I had no idea today how the strength would go having done a WOD last night with 50 deadlifts at 175 and 50 strict presses at 75. I should have gone heavier for both movements in that WOD in hindsight but I wanted to make every 30 seconds of reps and had no idea where I should be.

My legs were tired today but I still managed to knock out the back squats at 215 pounds. They didn’t feel heavy or anything like that. My legs really just felt like they were full of mercury instead of blood. I ended up moving through the sets pretty quickly considering my lack of energy so I was happy with that.

Next up I had to do strict presses at 105 pounds. I did five sets of five at that. It’s not that it was heavy because it was really relatively light and felt good. It’s more that my shoulders were fried from yesterday’s WOD making it tough.

Naturally as should be expected with my poor WOD choice habits but yesterday’s had 50 deadlifts and today’s strength was deadlift day. I did 5 sets of 3 at 255 pounds. It wasn’t heavy but my hamstrings didn’t really want to work. Nonetheless I did them with no issues.

I recovered for an hour or two then decided to attempt a WOD.

The WOD was 5 rounds of 20 power snatches then row five hundred meters. The RX weight was 75 which I did. I thought that it would be a tough WOD and turned out to be for different reasons than I expected.

The first round wasn’t bad. I got through the 20 snatches unbroken. The row was tough and I thought there was no possible way I would be able to complete the WOD. I just didn’t feel like I could find a rhythm with the rowing. Round two was pretty uneventful. By the third round my hand was starting to get a bit sore with the snatches.

The fourth round was the slowest. I had the presence mind record the first set of snatches to see how they looked later and make sure they weren’t too sloppy. It was towards the end of that round my thumb started ripping from hook grip. We had cleaned my bar’s knurling really well, getting all the old chalk and sweat out of it recently so it was rougher. It’s also the first time I’ve played with power snatches in a while using the bar so my hook grip wasn’t up to par. I asked Molly to grab me some tape so I could put that on my thumb during the one minute break before the last round so I didn’t shred it.

The tape helped a lot and that fifth round went significantly faster than the fourth and caused no more damage. All in all I was happy enough with my results for this WOD. The 100 power snatches at 75 pounds were surprisingly easy other than the tearing hands. The set I recorded I thought looked really good considering I was fairly fatigued being well into the WOD and I haven’t really practiced the movement all that much recently. It’s time to start doing more barbell and dumbbells versions of WODS instead of the sandbag for a while I think.

The music choice for my strength and the WOD today was Motorhead. I really don’t listen to them often enough!