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Not A Bad Day In The Garage Today

I did my three sets of five squats at at 200 pounds today. Continuing with the idea I had from the last one I wore my lifting shoes this time to get maybe a slightly different stimulus. I was honestly pleasantly surprised how this went since my lower lat was pretty angry during the warm up sets. Naturally It wasn’t angry from lifting wrong or anything. I got out of bed wrong this morning. How great it is to be in my mid forties 😆. The important thing is I got through them while keeping good form and working on getting deeper with zero butt wink. I’ve always had a bit of that.

The next thing up after the easy back squats was five sets of three strict presses at 112. Again with my angry lat/trap I thought these might be difficult to do but they were a non issue in the end. I felt like I got through them pretty easily all things considered and more importantly they looked good.

The last part of my strength work for today was five sets of three power cleans down to 145. Due to the late thing I decided to just lower the weight today rather than give the 185 that wasn’t even attempted last session a go. Thankfully today I was moving much better without the hesitation I had last week for whatever unknown reason there was. The power cleans actually felt really great today and to top things off I added a little bit of extra work at the end of each set and strict pressed the last clean of each set. These extra, heavy, presses really felt great today and looked good. I moved well and they were fast lifts so that made me feel good today.

Later on we were going to do a WOD but ended up not doing that so I decided I would do my weighted pull up EMOM at that time. I did the pull ups at 55 pounds and they felt really good today. There really wasn’t any degradation like there has been in past sessions. It certainly feels like there should be plenty more in the tank for these. They’re getting easier and not more difficult yet.

Music today was Reverend Bizarre