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Squats Felt Good Even If I Was A Bit Off Center

I’ve not been posting a lot about my fitness stuff recently. It’s been going well, and most days have been pretty routine for my lifting. The heat and humidity have been somewhat of a deterrent from posting a lot, too. We don’t have air conditioning here upstairs, where my computer is, and my body does not do well with heat and particularly humidity.

Fortunately, we have an air conditioner in the garage window, so that really helps me get my lifts and WODs in. Thankfully, today it’s cooler again, and I was able to get out there without the air on at all. I used a fan for some air circulation, but even that wasn’t needed today. The temperature was in the lower sixties outside and only in the upper sixties inside the home gym!

I had a good night’s sleep last night but woke up feeling like my leg was a little stiff. Last evening I stepped awkwardly onto something and jammed my ankle and foot. It feels fine today, but I figured I’d play it by feel with my lifts and no hard feelings if it acted up. It felt fine, so I took the slow climb up in weights through my sets.

The squats were feeling great today. I was having a little trouble getting centered on the bar right from the beginning. I think when that happens, the issue is often that the rack has shifted a little bit. It’s got feet instead of being bolted down as we would rather not drill into the concrete. I think I push the right side towards the wall more than the left, so when I line up with the wall, it can throw me off. This morning was great for me mentally lifting, though. I was feeling good and enjoying myself.

Luckily, I picked up on the fact that I was going by week three weights on the app instead of week one, like I should have. The warm-up sets were similar enough that it didn’t matter, but then I noticed the big jump in weight for the working sets and knew something didn’t seem right. Sadly, I didn’t pick up on the rep count, it was the weight. I corrected that before I killed myself.

My final set was two hundred and seventy pounds. I knew it shouldn’t be an issue at all and it wasn’t. I did stop at five reps because I just felt like I was off center. Strangely enough, I felt that I was favoring the opposite side than I normally do. That makes me wonder if my leg wasn’t bugging me a bit last night. Other than feeling that slight unevenness, they felt great. I am confident that I left at least a couple of reps in the tank, but I’m always overly careful. There’s always next time! Ninety-five percent of the time I’m here alone squatting, too, so that’s an even better reason to err on the cautious side of things. Sure, I have the safeties, but I would rather not trust them. Honestly, I’d rather just be able to dump the bar, but we do not have the space for that without risking putting the end of the bar through the glass door.

We also have no confidence in our concrete floor’s ability to take that beating. We know the corners that the previous owners of this house cut in other places. I mean, Joan and Ed’s bedroom circuit breaker seemed to control at least something in almost every room of the house.

Music for the lifting was Alice In Chains