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Heavy Squats Felt Easy Today

I slept okay last night. Much better than the night before, when we’d gone to have a few drinks. I don’t think I slept long enough, but I felt refreshed.

Molly has off today, and it’s been a good while since we went for breakfast. We always enjoyed doing that when she has off on Sunday, so we went to the new diner nearby. On a nice day, we could walk there. Technically, we could walk there on a day that isn’t nice. I thought that it was pretty good. Nothing special, but exactly what I would expect and want from a diner. It was better than driving to Lancaster, too.

We came home and relaxed for a bit, then I figured I would get changed and get my heavy squats over with. I wanted to get them done now so that the intimidation of the weight wasn’t eating away at my brain and psyching me out on it. Another thing is, at least as of right now, the weather looks good for next week, so we’re hoping to get some geocaching in. Who knows how that will change with a stationery frost, though. The forecast is changing every day as it really depends on where exactly the front stalls.

I got changed and headed out to the home gym to get squatting. Today was a shorts’ day out there! I took my time warming up through the progressively heavy sets, and they were feeling great today. As they got heavier, I felt stronger with them.

The last set was the one plus PR set. Today, II was set to do a pretty intimidatingly heavy AMRAP. I took my time before doing that set and tripled checked that I loaded the bar to the two hundred and eighty pounds. The heavier these get, the less I want to do something dome like forget a plate on one side. I don’t do that often, but it wouldn’t be good at this sort of weight.

I got under the bar and unracked it. The first thing I noticed is that the weight actually felt light on my back as I stepped it out. Every so often it just feels so crushing, but not today. I squatted my first rep and it felt great. I took a breath and reset for the second rep, and that one felt even better. The third one I pushed a tiny bit forward but easily made the rep and racked the bar. That was a good place to stop, even though I feel I had at least one and probably two more good reps in me. In a few weeks, I get to try again with even heavier weight, so no point in risking ugly reps. The main takeaway from today’s squats is they felt light and easy. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

As far as I can remember, this is a lifetime PR for triple of back squats. There’s the possibility I’ve hit this or two eighty-five a few years ago when I was doing the daily singles, but I don’t have any records of it, so I’m assuming not.

Music today was Dio