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I Failed The 255 Pound Squats Again

Once again today I was supposed to do back squats at 255 pounds and once again I failed at it. I failed the last rep of the first set this time. Honesty this time around I don’t feel it was a strength issue at all though, today was the first humid day of the year or at least the first humid day I had to lift heavy.

The heat kills me but even more so the humidity does. I just can’t cool off when I’m just dripping sweat. I can get somewhat used to a dryer heat but that’s a rare occurrence here in the east coast. I’ll definitely become more bearable as the summer season goes on but it will take some time for that to occur.

The actual lift today felt pretty good. It absolutely felt heavy and it should because it was pretty heavy but it felt doable. The bar had condensation on it before I even touched it this morning it just felt like it wanted to slip off of my back. The first 4 reps felt really good but then the 5th one I think just too much sweat gathered around the bar and it almost felt like it wanted to slip on the way up so my brain’s instinct was to abort. I’ll take some time and start back with a lighter weight and build up to this gain and hopefully be more acclimated to the heat by then.

I’m not mad that I failed but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Next time. It’s not the end of the world that I missed a lift, after all you can’t have success without some failures. Besides life would be extremely boring if everything always worked out the first try.

The strict presses were heavy at 127 pounds for sure but I did get through them without it feeling too difficult or my technique taking a shit so I’m happy with that.

The power cleans at 170 went really well for me today. They’ve been clicking almost perfectly for the past month or two. It seems I’m loosing the rushed pull permanently which I’ve struggled with for years. I did have one where I had the bar a little too close and felt the blood. I’m guessing I had a scab from a mosquito bite or something like that.