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One Step Closer

I’m finally feeling like I am making progress with my squats again. Last time I made progress was with a lot of heavy singles and back off sets, but now I am just doing 3 x 5.

I’ve always preferred small sets, but there’s no harm in trying something different. I’d failed a couple of times in the past and worked back up to it. Finally, the other day, I smashed through my sets at 255. That felt soul crushing to say the least, but I made it.

Today the 260 for sets of five was on the agenda. I have to admit that it didn’t feel all that bad today, other than one rep. The fourth rep of the last set I got slightly out of position at the sticking point but fought through it and made the rep. Took a longer break between reps to gather myself and fairly explosively got through that last rep. From the video I recorded for form check on myself, it didn’t really look like anything broke even on the bad rep, other than coming up with one hip a little higher than the other. I’m sure I was just slightly off center on the barbell.

It felt wonderful to have another success. My 1 rep max at the old Crossfit gym was 265, and it was an ugly one, so it feels really great repping close to that weight and hopefully making it next session too and smash that mental roadblock. I definitely feel that the physical strength is there, but maybe not the mental fortitude.

We did A WOD together later in the garage. Even with the air started, it was fucking hot in there today. It was a lot of air squats and burpees. My legs were still tired from the heavy squats this morning and my mind was tired mentally from that and not sleeping well yet again.

It’s all good, though. I moved and got some cardio in while just pouring sweat.