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Thankful For Lots Of Things But Especially Our Garage Gym This Thanksgiving

I am thankful for having our home gym with basically anything we might need that we’ve built up over the years. Our gym is open when ever we want it to be open. Take today for example, being a holiday, our old Crossfit gym was always closed on Thanksgiving except for the one time one of the coaches held a partner WOD in the morning. Today was a day that I had lifting to do. If we had to go someplace that wasn’t open I’d be having an extra rest day.

The first thing I did today was back squats. I did five sets of five at 205 pounds for the day. They felt really great today as I am a little more used to squatting in my lifting shoes. They are definitely much more stable then the Metcons or Nanos that I normally wear but at the same time I feel it changes the lift a bit. The heel makes me a bit more upright which alters the center of gravity just enough to feel slightly different. For some reason I kept racking the barbell too far to the right though. I’m guessing the rack has shifted a little bit and I am lining up where it used to be. It tends to migrate a bit.

Strict presses were at 115 pounds today and they felt nice and light. They were fast and explosive and I got through them in short order.

Finally I had deadlifts to do on this thanksgiving. They were at a relatively heavy for me 285 pounds. They ended up not feeling all that heavy though. They looked and felt surprisingly great at that heavy weight! My grip was strong today too. No mixed grip and none of that usual bullshit of my hands wanting to slowly open as I am doing the the deadlifts, which was a fairly nice surprise considering it’s pretty humid today and my hand have been very sweaty.

I ordered fat gripz that are supposed to be here tomorrow. They’re one of those simple things I’ve been wanting to pick up for years but never went through with it. I am hoping that they may help me build some grip strength so I am not feeling my heavy sets of deadlifts start to slip then begin losing focus on keeping my back set.

I’m also thinking about getting a lifting belt. I’m hoping to see a decent deal on something for black Friday so I can order one. I only want to use it for the heaviest of weights up near my max. I want to see if it’s a helpful tool to have. I really have no idea why I have never bought one or even tried one at all in the past. a Music today was Long Winters’ Stare