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Crossfit Total Today

It’s always a good day when I can get under some heavy weights and see where I stand. Today was one of those days I decided to go for it. Last time was back in July when I did my Crossfit total and it was hot and humid today. It’s finally cooler and less humid after what seemed to be never ending humidity this summer so that helped.

I’ve also been feeling much stronger with my normal lifting every other day so I wanted to get an idea of at least the feeling of upper end heavy weights. It’s always god to have an idea where you are.

I started out the day with the back squats. These were the best feeling lifts of the day. I did not actually make a PR on these squats but I got under 305 pounds again. I really should have made that but it was just a purely mental fail. It was heavy and I am not used to heavy weight. The weight and I were moving up out of the very deep squat really well and made it well above my sticking point when my brain just sort of shut it down. My form on these didn’t even give a little but in my head I felt like I was collapsing forward. The video shows none of that occurring at all.

I know I should be able to get well above this weight for a personal record. The fact that I did 245 pounds for 20 reps with no real difficulties tells me that. I just have figured out the way to overcome my mental hesitations. In the back of my mind I know it’s heavy and I am old I am just overly cautious to not want to injure myself. Either way it felt great to get under some very heavy weights!

The strict press was up next. With my arm having been giving me some shit lately I didn’t have any high expectations for this and I was just going to go heavier than normal. I had no intention of doing a heavy single for the presses. I did work up to decently heavy 145 pounds for the shoulder press. It felt good and I was happy with it. There was certainly more in the tank for the presses but today wasn’t the day to push it.

Next up I had my deadlifts. In a way these were a bit disappointing but they went how I expected them to go. I ended up making an easy 285. Very explosive lift but 315 wasn’t happening with my hands not being great after yesterday’s deadlift/pull up WOD. I absolutely would have preferred a new personal record but today wasn’t the day for that.

The most important takeaway I have from today’s Crossfit total is my form didn’t even give a little with heavy weights. To me that’s far more important than the number on the board. I’d rather be moving slightly lighter weights with safe and good form than an ugly risky heavier PR.

It was a good day for me.

Music today was Atheist.