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Strength And A Row Today

My strength for today was all light but it’s the program and I reset all my weights after maxing recently.

The squats were 3 sets of five at 200. Being that they were light, they felt and and looked really good so I decided to through in two extra sets to make it 5x5. The extra work while it’s lighter seems to be really helpful for me. Maybe next year I’ll look into a maybe more intense program.

Strict presses felt great too at a mere 100 pounds. They were light but felt good so I did extra sets of those too to make it 5x5.

Deadlifts felt really great today which was nice. Last time at 235 they were tough but my left leg was still having some anger issues. Today I was to do 245 but I upped the reps to 5 sets of three again to get used to moving again. Today I had zero tightness in my left leg where the quad had popped and zero hesitation. The lack of hesitation is what tells me I am fully healed. My brain’s not trying to shut it down.

I also decided to do Street Parking’s endurance WOD today. It was simply to row either a 5k or a 10k. My original plan was to go for the ten thousand meters but ass cramps started really kicking in about 4000 meters into the row. It’s been a little while since I’ve rowed longer distances. It’s probably been since the cooler weather in the spring time that I rowed more that two thousand in one sitting. My time wasn’t great with fighting the cramps and the fact that I’d paced myself slower to do the 10k. Regardless I got a nice piece of cardio in and that’s the purpose of doing this WOD.

The music choice for today was Deeds Of Flesh