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I Made It Through The Squats At 250 Pounds Today For 3x5

These squats aren’t getting any easier, that’s for damn sure. The weight is feeling heavier than ever and it’s getting mentally tougher but I am truly enjoying pushing myself in a different way than I have before.

With the frequent squatting my technique is drastically improving. That was expected of course because with anything more frequent practice helps improve things. The tendency to want to collapse forward a bit has all but disappeared. Driving me knees out and hips under at the sticking point when it gets tough is there now habit again and butt wink is essentially gone.

I don’t know if I make or even go for 255 on Wednesday. I’ll see how the warm up sets feel given that I almost stopped at the sticking point today. This is a marathon, not a sprint to get stronger here.

My real goal is to break through the 315 pound barrier this summer. To most males it’s probably light but I am old and always second guess the safety of my movement. My all time max has been 305. I got under 315 and should have made it. It was still moving upward when my reflex was to fail it. I do think it’s time to up my eating game here soon. I don’t want to keep losing weight.