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Made The First Set Of Squats At 270 Pounds

Sometimes even a failure is a success. Let me preface this whole post with the fact that I didn’t really have too high of a hopes for today given that my piriformis has been somewhat angry. That started a week or two ago when my foot slipped out from under me doing lunges. It’s getting better with stretching and movement seems to help it more than doing nothing.

I figured I could at least try today’s planned strength and sort of feel it out on the warm up sets. I also decided to take smaller jumps and longer rests to feel it out and it felt pretty good. Even the heavier warm up sets felt not too bad so I thought I’d give the 270 pounds that I was set to do today. I knew it was going to be heavy and knew that even on a good day failing it was a real possibility. I failed at 265 last month and that felt heavy last session but I had made it. The warm ups felt progressively more doable if not better as it stretched out my hips. Finally I got to the first working set when Suffocation came on. I was listening to some brutal death metal streaming station. I took my time and plugged away at the set and got through all five reps with no difficulty at all. Per the video I think they were some of my best looking squats in a long time. I allowed myself plenty of rest and went for set number two. Naturally I got a text and it vibrated my watch too just after I unracked the bar and set to do the first rep. I did make it through the first three and failed the fourth. In hindsight maybe I would have made it had I reracked the bar and completely reset my focus. I feel like I should definitely be successful next time I get to this weight which will be a little longer this time as I am planning taking it easy for a week or two.

We’re planning on doing Crossfit totals a couple of weeks to get current baselines. I am really curious to see how I do on that. I’m anxious to see if I can finally make my long time goal of at least 315 pound back squat. I know I have been finally adding real strength this past month or so but who knows how well that will translate into a 1 rep max and if I’ll be there mentally for it on that day..

The strict presses were thankful uneventful. I had to do them at a somewhat light weight of 107 pounds. I knocked them out with ease today.

Next up was deadlifts. They were a clusterfuck from the start. I managed to have the bar under the rower during the first warm up set at 135 pounds. That was a what the fuck was that moment for sure. My best guess would be I let it roll a bit while loading the opposite side. Oh well. I reset and did that warm up. My glutes weren’t too thrilled with being loaded today but they looked good. I, again, took it slow and worked my way up through the warm up sets. I probably allowed myself a little too much rest between them and the squats today but I feel it was the right and smart thing to do for this day. Anyways the singles at 275 pounds for the deadlifts were a bit tougher than they should be but were absolutely more than manageable.

Today’s music choice was some brutal death metal streaming service for something different.