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Mentally Tough Day Today With The Humidity

What Can I say. It’s June and certainly time for this sort of weather. I’ve been spoiled by the springs persistent cooler weather with low humidity when it was a warmer day. Over the past few days that’s absolutely changed. Yesterday wasn’t necessary warm but it was very humid.

Today it got into the mid to upper 80s again but with a dew point near 70. There was a nice strong south breeze at least to make it a little more tolerable. The only thing I did in the garage today was strength since we spent the morning grocery shopping and all that fun stuff.

First up was fairly light back squats for 3x5. I did 195 pounds today so with them being light I thought I’d make them into pause squats to maybe get me a little stronger below the sticking point. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done the paused squats and they felt good. As tough as I remember but enjoyable for sure. I did each set the the pause and my quads were fire.

After that I had strict press at 130. I knew it would be tough but I did expect to get through them. I underestimated the humidity and the fact that I’d be just pouring sweat by this time. Sadly the heat proved-to be too much of a distraction for me today. The first set felt great but the second I failed the last rep. Sweat in my eyes didn’t help maters any nor did the sweat dripping onto my nose.

The deadlifts felt heavy as fuck at 285 for singles today. I did manage to succeed at all five of them in spite of being hot. It was helpful that I had the deadlift bar setup in a place where the wind breeze was going through and it felt like hot air blowing on me but at least it was movement. I didn’t have to use mixed grip for my DL yet either so that’s a great bonus. I just don’t have the mental toughness with heavier deadlifts. For years I struggled with setting my back up for them so I’ve always been conservative to not risk injury. Now I have the set up solved but still don’t trust it.

An hour or two after doing my lifting we had a line of thunderstorms approaching. Originally on radar they looked great! They weakened as they approach somewhat giving us just heavy rainfall and it sounded like some small hail with some moderate gusts of winds. Lots of low rumbling distant thunder and a few visible flashes. Nothing major but it was a nice cool down from the mid eighties to the sixties within a few minutes. We’ve had rain this spring but not all that many chances of thunderstorms so far, I’m really hoping that does change now that it’s heating up for