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Lifting Wasn't Too Bad Today

I wasn’t really surprised or disappointed about how my lifting session went this morning. I wasn’t thrilled with it either but it went about as I could reasonably expect knowing my strengths and weaknesses. Keeping realistic exceptions while of course hoping for more but not dwelling on it is key for me.

The first thing as always was back squats, I nice moderate 220 pounds for three sets of five. These felt really amazing today. They weren’t that heavy but the squats were quick and deep and felt really strong again. My knee is definitely having much less of a clicking sound the past few days.

The next thing was five sets of three strict presses at 12 pounds. It’s a fairly heavy weight for me for sets of the shoulder presses but I managed them fairly well and worked quickly through the sets. I think I took maybe about two minutes of rest between sets this time. I’ll have to extend that as they get heavier but they felt good today.

Finally and the thing I was most satisfied with was the five singles of deadlifts at 295 pounds. While I didn’t make it through all five of them I did get 3 of them which is more than I’ve done in a while. Grip felt good without using mixed grip and they were explosive off the floor for a change. usually my failing point is right off of the floor. Today the third rep get a little jerky near lockout causing me to abort the lift. While it was very heavy for me along with the other reps it felt like it was doable.

After looking at the video later I realize now that the most likely cause of that failed rep was that I had unknowing gripped the bar slightly off center causing it to be unbalanced.. I always struggle with doing that since I can’t really visually see the bar and for whatever the reason may be I tend to misfeel the knurling

Music today was Acid Bath.