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I Miss Using My Bright Green J Cups

When we still went to the gym, Molly had found and ordered some fairly bright green j cups that would fit the rig. The black ones matched the black rig and had no contrast so I tended to have some trouble re racking by being off center or maybe too low. Those things were a game changer. The gym owner allowed us to leave them there so I could us them when I was there.

They sadly don’t fit our rack at home and haven’t been able to find any non black ones that will fit it being, 3x3 instead of the normal 2x3. At least here I do have the safety which make it a lot nicer bench pressing alone. I never trusted spotters and never could see to rerack that since it tends to be looking up into light.

Every once in a while I do search to see if I could find any non black j cups and so far haven’t came across any at all let alone any that would fit our monster lite. I do seem to have less problems here than I did at the gym. maybe because it’s wider?

We’ve thought about putting tape on it and that would probably work. I don’t want it to mess up my bar but then again my good Pendlay bar has never touched the rack and don’t think I can imagine any reason why it ever wood.