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My Lifting Felt Pretty Good Today But My Math Skills Weren't Really There

I wasn’t really sure how my lifts would end up going today. Shoulders are pretty cooked from heavy weighted pull ups on Friday and also the two shoulder intensive WODS I performed yesterday involving devil presses and pull ups + rowing. In the end all my lifts felt pretty good but my numbers tended to be slightly off.

Starting with the back squats, I was supposed to do three sets of five at 230 pounds. This weight wouldn’t have been an issue at all. It turns out that I did them at 225 which isn’t that far off but that’s why they felt lighter than they should have. Note to self bar plus 45s plus 25s plus 15s plus tens only adds up to 225, not 230. Oops. Shit happens sometimes but any day involving squatting is a great day in my books!

I got through them pretty easily and this is the second time doing them wearing my new Nobull shoes. I have to say the early impression I am getting from these shoes are that they are my favorite, most stable shoes for general working out. They fit me just right and feel very stable and solid which helps me keep my feet firmly planted. Time will tell how they last but so far I am really happy with them.

Next up was the strict presses at a heavyish 122 pounds for me. The weight is getting up there for sets but I got through them relatively easily considering the weight is getting up towards the challenging end for me.

After the presses were done it was time for the power cleans. I had five sets of these at 155 pounds today. They felt pretty light in spite of my timing being a little bit sloppy on them today. The timing improved as I went on. I am thinking it’s the slightly different feel from wearing the new shoes for them today.

I also decided to add in hip thrusts with that 155 pounds. I am very quad dominate and my deadlift max is really very close to my squat max. I know that shouldn’t be the case so I have been playing with different glute stuff the past few weeks to see if I can’t get my strength more balanced. That would probably be healthier for me in the long run. I’ve only done the thrusts for a few weeks now so I am slowly building the weight. They have been looking and feeling pretty good for it being a fairly new movement for me. I’d also like to start adding in stiff leg deadlifts at some point too thinking that would help a good amount.

The music for today was Dio. I’ve been feeling nostalgic the past few days.