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Starting The New Year Total Today Off Right With A Crossfit Total

I have been feeling like my strength has been going up and knew I wanted to do a Crossfit total soon to get a good baseline. I decided why not do it today, on the first day of the new year? It’s a good way to start off 2022 on a hopefully positive note.

I started out the day with the back squats. felt a little heaver during the warm up sets than they should have given the weight but not bad or anything like that. Just a little heavier on my back. As the weights got heavier they felt better. 255 pounds felt great like a nice easy warm up set but it shouldn’t have been pretty easy. 285 pounds felt great. Nice explosive lift with the bar catching a little air at the top. Next up I jumped to 295 pounds and this was just as explosive if not easier than the 285 pounds. I made the small jump to 300 pounds to hit that mental block for me. The lift was feeling great until I felt a slight momentary grind in my hip and my body aborted. I don’t know what that was about but that’s where I walked away from the squats. If I was younger I might have given it another shot but being in my mid 40s I figured that it’s best to be happy with how good 295 pounds felt. I can’t say I am mad but I am a little disappointed begause going my strength alone I felt like today was the day I could break 315 pounds. Oh well. I’ll have that confidence boost for next time.

Strict presses were blah just as I expected they would be. My arm is flaring up today it caused me loose position a bit on the 145 pound rep and abort. The bar was moving well I it was an easy make for the weight if it weren’t for my pressing it too far forward. I’m okay with it because the 145 pounds was where I was stopping anyways.

Finally I moved on to the deadlifts. After the squat incident my goal with these deadlifts today was to make it to 305 pounds. The 255 pound warm up set felt really good with no protesting at all from my hip so that was making me feel good about the deadlifts. I jumped next to 285 pounds for a nice easy single. After that I made the jump to 305 pounds and made a fairly quick and easy single. I left more in the tank on these today but I didn’t want to approach failure and get the grindy jerky lifts and possibly make my hip worse if I did do something to it.

It was a good day for me. I got the answer that I was hoping to get. I am definitely getting stronger so I am doing something right. It’s always a fun day when I get to play with heavier singles. It really hasn’t been about getting personal records for a couple of years now. It’s more about getting a feeling for how the heavier weights feel to me.

Music today was Ozzy.