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Made Heavy Squats Today, Failed Bench, I'm Not Mad

First things first as far as lifting today I wasn’t really feeling like it. It’s hot and humid, I was hungry and didn’t really sleep enough last night thanks to alcohol from Joy’s with supper.

Naturally feeling this way today was set to be an at least somewhat heavy day for my squats and bench press. I had accepted the fact that I may fail one or both of these lifts today and was fine with it.

Starting with the squats I was set to do 260 pounds today for three sets of five. My best at that last time around was 260. That was a little over a month ago and I had failed the 265. It felt really, really tough then but today it really didn’t feel all that heavy.

Well the first set was feeling really heavy and crushing. The reps didn’t look bad but it felt really tough. The second set felt heavy too but fast and explosive other than the gathering my breath between reps. Naturally my nose was itching so it took some concentration to ignore that annoyance.

The third set is where things got interesting. The first rep was easy and feeling light. The second rep I paused in the hole. Why I did that I have no fucking clue. It was just as if I had a complete brain fart and lost track of what I was doing. I drove out of the hole with no issues but I made that rep way harder than it should have been and killed my energy. I stood that rep up with so much power the bar popped up. The rest of the reps of the last set were nothing special. Not overly difficult either. The important thing is I made it when I was perfectly happy to accept the prospect that today’s squats might very well be a failing attempt.

The Bench press for me today was another interesting adventure for me today. I knew the 185 pounds was going to be tough but it really didn’t feel all that bad. The first set was only moderately challenging for me today. The second set felt pretty easy considering that it was a heavy weight for me to be bench\ pressing. The third set wasn’t feeling bad at all but the third rep the plate bumped into the j cup on one said and that threw off my focus. Sucks that that happened because I think I was going to make this set and it would have been a personal record.

Today’s music choice was something different for a change. Dio’s Angry machines. I still love Ronnie James Dio’s stuff, I just don’t find myself listening to it all that often these days.