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Despite My Knee, Today's Deadlifts Felt Great

Last night I slept great. Unfortunately, we had to close the windows since it was forecast to and did drop into the low 40s. I would have been fine with the windows open myself, but my girlfriend would have been cold. I woke up bright and early at about 5:00 AM. That left me with a bit under seven hours of sleep since I watched the Phillies game last night, but still felt well rested.

When I got up, I got a cup of coffee and enjoyed that while going through my SCSS files and cleaning them up. There were classes that I could consolidate. There were also some that weren’t being used. Before switching to Zola, PostCSS could automatically take care of that, but that’s been uninstalled now, along with all that other node stuff. It only took a short while with some grepping to see which classes I wasn’t using. It wasn’t too bad to do and as I went through the files I was able to tweak some t:0 hings.

Around nine o’clock this morning, I got changed and took the long trip to the garage to get started with my deadlifts. I had no idea whether my knee would allow me to complete them or not, but I wanted to at least give it them a shot. The warm-up at a hundred and thirty-five pounds felt good and as I worked up in weight the lifts continued to feel good, if not better. I took my time and paid extra attention to my knee as I worked my way up in the weights.

Today was one of those days when I was enjoying myself. I was deeply focused and felt connected to the bar. It was a day when I could feel my body getting good leverage and just having great form. I was even focused enough to feel the floor when the plates touched it. I ended up making my three reps and two hundred and ninety-five pounds easily. Three reps was where I stopped there because of my knee as a precaution, but I felt like I had plenty more in the tank. For some unknown reason, even my grip wasn’t giving out. I reset my grip after each rep, but that only turned them into true deadlifts and not those bouncing Crossfit deadlifts.

I unloaded the bar and put everything away. Shortly after I was done, I was recovered enough to get a WOD in. I’d already done today’s, so I hunted down an old one that would not be too rough on my knee. That’s a wonderful benefit of working out here at home and not at a Crossfit gym! The WOD was just an AMRAP of shoulder to overhead with the dumbbells and burpees over them. For the burpees, I used the much more visible sandbag instead. It was a good, quick WOD that didn’t use my legs too much and still got my heart rate up a good bit. Granted I didn’t go all out at a hundred percent but more like an eighty to ninety percent effort today. I wanted to feel if my knee acted up a head of time, so I took the burpees slow. The first half of the WOD the shoulder to overheads were strict presses with the forty pound dumbbells. Eventually, they became push presses, as the sets of ten were pretty big sets for me for shoulder presses/.

Music today was Macabre