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Heavy Front Squat Single Felt Great!

Continuing with trying to get heavy baselines for where my strength is presently, I decided to do a heavyish single front squat today.

I stopped at 255. It looked and felt excellent. Didn’t even feel all that heavy to me. I stopped there for the day, even though I felt like there was more in the tank. Hell, I felt like I could possibly meet or surpass my all-time max at 273.5. I think I will take another day or two and do heavy singles at front squats to get used to heavy weight in the front rack position, and maybe go for it and try to surpass my old max.

My back has apparently gotten much stronger, there wasn’t really any sign of my upper back wanting to round like it always has. Something I’ve been doing along the line over the past year has definitely taught my brain to control that much better than I used to be able to. It was probably less of a weakness and just the way I’m comfortable from looking down all my life due to being visually impaired. For whatever reason it’s not happening now and keeping me in better position for heavy lifts where I can’t compensate as much.